While waiting for the new government

Therefore, there is still not formed a new government with Prime Minister Rasmussen of the table … as prime minister .

There are four points that separates the two major bourgeois parties in Denmark before they can form a government together .


Public growth
In the election campaign, Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s zero growth one of the major themes. Kristian Thuelesen Dahl believes that the public sector should increase by 0.8 percent annually.


Border control
DF (Dansk Folkeparti) demands that the agreement on permanent customs control, as the Liberal government introduced in 2011 together DF returned, it implies, among other physical plant and day manned border crossings in the EU.


EU politics
During the election campaign succeeded the four parties to meet on an interim common EU policy. Liberals, Conservatives, Liberal Alliance and According to Liberal EU program ‘Solution Europe’ Denmark should abolish the legal reservation and defense opt-out, while we must be in the CPC. Danish People’s Party will be the exact opposite. The EU should not develop into a “social union”, says the party.


Immigration politics
Both the Left and the Danish People’s Party wants tighter immigration and asylum policy. Danish People’s Party wants to restore the former Liberal government’s point system for family reunification, as SR government has abolished. Left wants a “modernized” points system.


DF will ban the burqa, dual citizenship and closing Grimhøjmoskeen.

A little about the election June 18, 2015

On June 18, 2015 there were elections to the ” FOLKETINGET ” , the Danish parliament in Copenhagen .


Political parties on the right won the election with 90 seats against the left’s 89 seats.

The Prime Minister , as the Danes would not have been appointed royal investigates to form a minority government.

The Danish queen has not politiask power to appoint our Prime Minister , but it has the Danish parliament contrary .

Only Danish humor , because the Queen is apolitical and not behave such

When did Denmark formally a new prime minister?
When Her Majesty the Queen has appointed him. A prime minister can remain as long as he does not have a majority against it .

Thorning is , until a new prime minister appointed acting prime minister. This means that she can take the decisions which under no circumstances be postponed.

But she can not do it as a prime minister usually can , for example, to call an election . She can not put political plans for government intervention that can wait , or to put forward legislation .
Source: tv2.dk.